Re-Designing Munising

Munising is working on design changes for the future with a lot of local involvement and some expert help.

Munising’s Downtown Development Authority has been working on that with Michigan State University’s Small Town Design Initiative for the past year.

The community and design groups have been looking at ways to improve the design of the area by making it more people-friendly and more environmentally friendly.

The final meeting with the Michigan State group came last night.

Munising DDA director Charlene Carberry says the MSU team used their input to come up with before-and-after pictures of what the area could look like.

Some of the changes include adding a pocket park and fixing up the exteriors of city buildings.

Munising Bay Partnership for Commerce vice-chair Leif Street says a walking and bike path is also in the works to serve the active community.

To move forward with the initiative, the participants formed volunteer committees last night.

They’ll look at a timeline for projects, funding options and steps to make sure each project happens.