Township Board Members Answer Well Questions

The Marquette Township Board accepted construction bids for its proposed well-water project at a Thursday meeting.

During that meeting, more residents voiced displeasure over the idea.

The possible recall of 4 board members also came up.

3 of those 4 were on hand at the township hall this afternoon to address issues that have been discussed and voted on at previous meetings.

Many outspoken township residents adamantly oppose the well-drilling project.

They prefer getting Lake Superior water from the City of Marquette, saying for at least the last several years the township’s relationship with the city is much better than it’s been in years past.

Township Supervisor Ray Adamini, Clerk Patricia Mayer, and Trustees Linda Winslow and Karen Lohf all are facing recalls for voting in favor of the project.

Some residents claim the project is costly and will siphon water from existing wells in the area.

The petitions full of signatures for those recalls haven’t been completely validated yet.

Residents will vote this coming Tuesday on whether or not the well project should be paid for through bonds.

If the petitions are approved, the recall election will be November 3rd.

The 3 board members who voted against the well project — Treasurer Ernest Johnson and Trustees Lyn Durant and Dianna Truscott — are also facing their own recall effort.