A GREAT Program in Gwinn

One local camp is making summer fun for area kids.

And it’s all for free, thanks to a community-wide effort.

The GREAT Summer Camp in Gwinn is filling the days of about 35 kids with fun games, lessons and projects.

GREAT stands for Gang Resistance Education and Training.

It’s run by the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department.

And it’s made possible through a federal grant and several community organizations.

Several of the kids told us they have a good time there.

The camp was at the ‘W’ each of the last 2 years.

But when the ‘W’ closed, the camp moved to an old U.S. Navy Reserve building just down the road.

Both the kids and police say the GREAT program has been an important teaching tool that helps keep them out of trouble.

The program has been

Cpl. Lowell Larson of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says it’s unclear if the GREAT program will still be around next year.

It’s mostly federally-funded, and the Justice Department has cut that funding by 40%.

Kids can still attend the GREAT Summer Camp.

It runs through August 21st.