Counties Speak Out Against Prison Closures

After the state said 4 U.P. corrections facilities would close due to budget cuts, the Marquette County Board immediately went on record against the decision.

Now another county is speaking out as well.

The Iron County Board recently responded to Marquette County’s letter, agreeing that the decision the state made was unfair.

4 of the 8 state prison facilities expected to close are in the U.P.

Marquette County Board member Bob Struck says based on previous experiences with the closing of Camp Manistique in 2007, the closings won’t just affect people living and working near the prisons, but the entire region.

He says the ripple effects involve less state money for schools, since they’re based on enrollment and people will be leaving the area after losing their jobs.

Struck says it’s crucial that something is done to keep the corrections jobs here because the U.P. has less of an employment safety net coming from other industries than the Lower Peninsula does.

The Marquette County Board sent a letter to the state, voicing their concerns about the unfair burden they feel the U.P. will face.

And they hope U.P. residents will speak out as well.

If you feel this is a disadvantage for the U.P., Struck suggests writing to state lawmakers.