Food Banks Struggling Near Thanksgiving

With the Michigan economy still sluggish, the group that supplies the Salvation Army and other groups with food is having a harder time meeting everyone’s needs.

Demand is way up this year at the Central U.P. Food Bank in Ishpeming, but donations are way below last year’s level.

Not only are fewer people donating, but the gifts that are being made are smaller than in the past.

Hundreds of local families are feeling the effects.

In addition to supplying area service groups, the food bank normally runs pantry days on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

Anyone in need can come in on the pantry days to pick up free food.

That means tomorrow is supposed to be a pantry day, but they don’t have enough funds right now to run it.

Branch manager Dave Mason says while food donations are always welcome, cash may be more useful.

Food banks can use $1 in cash to buy items that would cost $5 in grocery stores.