Survey Shows Statewide Support for Smoking Ban

A state-wide behavioral risk factor survey showed substantial public support for stricter tobacco control policies in Michigan.

According to the survey, 75% of Michigan adults support a law that would make bars and restaurants in the state smoke-free.

69% also support the idea of higher taxes on tobacco products and licenses for stores that sell them.

34 U.S. states already have laws in place making all workplaces smoke-free, and those laws include restaurants and bars.

Jim Harrington of the Marquette County Health Department hopes the survey will spur the state legislature into action to make Michigan more attractive health-wise for visitors.

Marquette and Houghton Counties already have smoke-free workplace regulations.

They don’t include bars or restaurants.

We’ll have more for you Thursday on UGN News on what local restauranteurs think about the possibility of a smoking ban.