Car vs. Pedestrian Leads to Jail Time

An Iron Mountain woman is heading to jail and spending a year on probation for not stopping after she ran a man over in a city street.

22-year-old Kayla Perron will go to jail for 20 days.

If she also does 20 days’ community service and wears an alcohol tether, 30 more possible days in jail will be dismissed.

She ran over 39-year-old Joe Tousignant in March on East E Street and dragged him underneath her car for nearly 150 feet.

Tousignant suffered severe head and lower-body injuries.

He was hospitalized for a month and he’s still in physical therapy.

The judge who issued the sentence called the police investigation sloppy because they never gave Perron a breathalyzer test.

She was convicted of failing to stop at the scene of a personal injury accident.

That’s a misdemeanor in Michigan.