Alleged assault at U.P. auto parts store

Alleged assault at U.P. auto parts store

HOUGHTON — There was an ugly situation outside an auto parts store in Houghton. ABC 10’s Rick Allen has the details.

A Painesdale man is facing charges after being arrested at the scene of an alleged assault. The incident happened Tuesday morning around 8:00 at this Auto Zone store in Houghton.

Police say a woman sought protection inside the store from her attacker. Staff secured the store and kept the woman safe until police arrived.

She was later taken to U.P. Health System—Portage for treatment. 37–year–old Jeffrey Robert Perala was arrested and charged with one count of domestic violence–aggravated assault, which is a one–year misdemeanor, and one count of assault or assault and battery, which is a 93–day misdemeanor.

Perala appeared in 97th District Court for his arraignment where he pled Not Guilty to the charges. Bond was set at $50,000 cash. He is currently lodged in the Houghton County Jail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 27th.