Movies and Weaving Events Kick Off Heikinpaiva in the Copper Country

Over the weekend the Copper Country saw a visit from Heikki Lunta after a delivery of fresh snow. And just in time too, as Hancock prepares to celebrate winter and Finnish culture during Heikinpaiva. The Finnish cultural festival’s main activity happens at the end of the month. But until then the Hancock Finnish Theme Committee will invite people to various smaller cultural events that include crafting, and films starting on Wednesday.

“And these films are in their original language, and typically also have subtitles. And some people like to go to the film series and hear the Finnish and practice their Finnish. But these are excellent movies and aren’t available otherwise. This particular one is about a young boy. Sort of a coming of age story about a young boy in Lapland who builds a relationship with a wildcat.” Jim Kurtti, President, Finnish Theme Committee

Wednesday’s film with the Nordic Film Series title translates to Tommy and the Wildcat. The adventure family film follows a young boy who helps a lynx reintegrate into the wild. Also on Wednesday Sew Cranky will host the first of two inkle band weaving classes. Inkle bands often depict intricate and unique symbols in patterns. The cloth bands have all kinds of uses including belts, cameras, or guitar straps.

“These bands can be used as belts. They can be used to tie the top of your boots. In the Nordic countries, they kind of wrap the tops of their boots with these bands to keep the snow from falling in. They can be used as guitar straps or a variety of things like on a purse. And this class teaches you a form of weaving that’s very easy to learn. Ad these projects don’t take very long.” Jim Kurtti, President, Finnish Theme Committee

Later this week The Finnish American folk school will host Kantele playing lessons and beginner kitting as a part of Finnish cultural programs leading up to January 27th. Heikinpaiva events begin this week, with plenty more fun planned for throughout January. Course fees are associated with some cultural classes with the Finnish American Folk School, and organizers do ask participants to please pre-register. Find more Heikinpaiva details and the festival’s full schedule here.