Revex Technologies Partners with MTU

A client of Mtec Smartzone recently announced it will enter into a collaborative partnership with Michigan Technological University.

Revex Technologies will enter into a definitive collaborative partnership with the university to develop innovative manufacturing and material processing technologies that the company plans to integrate into its operations. The agreement was prompted by an 8.1-million-dollar grant awarded to Michigan Tech in November 2022 from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Mtec Smartzone played a key role in the university’s application with the Department of Energy for the grant. As well as playing a key role in helping establish Revex Technologies as a domestic nickel and critical mineral processor startup business.

Revex CEO John Rockwell says that the company hopes that research from Michigan Tech will add to Revex’s current processing solution as the company seeks to pursue Michigan-based mineral processing facilities focused on reclaiming mine waste and recycled batteries. Revex plans to utilize waste materials in the creation of green nickel concentrate. Revex has planned to begin construction of its first Michigan-based mine tailing reclamation facility and lithium-ion battery recovery plant in 2024.