This week’s Wildlife Wednesday submission comes to us from Michael Holmgren of Ishpeming. Holmgren captured this image of a barred owl this fall while grouse hunting in Champion Township. 

This is not Holmgren’s first contribution to Wildlife Wednesday, nor is it his first owl sighting. A few years ago, he also spotted a snowy owl resting on a patch of

snow on the side of the road in Rudyard. Holmgren has made a hobby of photographing wildlife for about a decade now. He said he looks forward to having more free time to photograph animals

in nature once he retires. 

“Wildlife photography is hunting wildlife; many of the same skills are utilized. The only difference is you shoot with a camera rather than a gun and the critter lives to see another day,” he said.

Holmgren also explained his willingness to share photos with our viewers.

“Wildlife belongs to all of us, by sharing it I feel the public and our youth gets a better appreciation for the critters,” he said.