Michigan Tech will Create a Task Force to Review the University’s Active Shooter Procedures

In the wake of the recent campus shooting at Michigan State University that killed three students, Michigan Tech will launch a task force to review the university’s emergency safety procedures pertaining to an active shooter. The Task Force is expected to report their findings and recommendations to the school’s administration some time in May, after students have finished spring semester.

Since 2018 the university has required all new employees receive active shooter straining as a part of their orientation. Efforts to train staff began in 2017. Michigan Tech Public Safety work closely with local law enforcement agencies in various capacities, and regularly trains officers in certified training programs focused on how to react in an active shooter situation. The university also utilizes a mass communication system that texts students in the event of an emergency on campus or in the Houghton area called, Safety First Alert.

Tech Students recently held a candlelight vigil for the victims of the shooting at Michigan State University. Meeting at the husky statue in the middle of campus, and were joined by faculty.

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