MARQUETTE, Mich – A local board walk is closed due to a new construction project.

The boardwalk at Founders Landing will be closed for the foreseeable future as construction on a new pier is underway.

“This is a reuse of the exist piles in this area. There are two different pile fields, the North and South. It is a requirement of the state that we either do something with these or have them removed,” said Jon Swenson, the Director of Community Services of Marquette. “So as part of the Brownfield Redevelopment Plan for Founders Landing here, this is a public access and public good that was built into that plan. The project is to build piers over the existing piles and to provide the city residents and visitors with further access to the lake front.”

With Lake Superior surrounding Marquette, the city wants its citizens to take advantage of the Great Lake.

“If you take a look at the City of Marquette, one of the best assets we have is Lake Superior and the natural resources surrounding that. This really highlights that asset and really gets people out to the lake and out interacting with it in ways sometimes they can’t,” Swenson said. ” It will be an accessible pier project no matter what our abilities are and it will get people closer to the lake and closer to the assets we love.”

The north pier will have a kayak launch and viewing window to look down into the lake.

The multi–use path along Lakeshore drive will remain closed while construction takes place.

There is no current timetable of when the project will be completed.