Dickenson County Healthcare upgrades to State-of-the-Art Medical Record System

IRON MOUNTAIN – Dickinson County Healthcare (DCH) makes every part of the health care experience the best it can
be. DCH recently completed a significant upgrade to its electronic medical records system by launching Athenahealth.
The top-of-class system used by nearly half of the healthcare providers in the U.S., Athena improves efficiency, speed
of communication and is instrumental in helping DCH expand services for patients.
Athenahealth provides an entirely secure, seamless exchange of medical information between doctors, nursing staff,
and patients.
Full integration provides a robust new platform allowing patients to access their medical records, request appointments, refill prescriptions, review test/lab results, and communicate electronically with their health care team, all online.
“Dickinson County Healthcare is proud to bring the highest levels of electronic health information management
to our providers and patients,” said Mandy Shelast, Dickinson County Healthcare VP of Physician Services and Clinical Networks. “
A major investment that has far-reaching and long-lasting impacts in medical staff efficiencies, patient information access, and process improvement.”
Patients benefit from the technology upgrade because they can now more easily manage their healthcare. DCH medical staff has the advantage of
an unprecedented level of information access and sharing that the
Athenahealth system delivers. It allows the medical teams to more easily collaborate and share information about a patient’s specific health.
Also, staff can more easily review patient health history and track and review progress and medication patterns. Visits will be most productive and beneficial.
“I am so proud of the DCH staff! Athenahealth was beautifully launched on Tuesday, May 11th, by more than 400 DCH
employees and providers. This is a huge accomplishment for our team and the community in improving the patient
experience,” said Shelast. “It reinforces the patient’s understanding of their care by allowing them to log in, review
their medical information and ask any questions whenever they need. Athenahealth gives us increased
communication allowing for more ways to help our patients stay healthy.”
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Servicing Northern Wisconsin and the Central Upper Peninsula for more than 69 years, Dickinson County Healthcare
System (DCH) is a 49 bed Community Hospital with a team of more than 70 active providers and each year treats over
160,000 patients.