Marquette Residents Opinion on Town Halls

MARQUETTE, Mich. -The race for the presidency takes another stop on NBC & ABC.

With Election Day coming up, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden did separate Town Halls, with Trump’s appearing on NBC, and Biden’s on ABC respectively. Although not as viewed as the first presidential debate after the mixed reviews. U.P. residents had varying opinions on who had a stronger debate, topics discussed and topics not discussed as heavily.

U.P. residents had this to say,

“I thought trump did a really good job explaining what he has done. Answering some real tough questions, and on the Joe Biden side he didn’t answer really any questions and you still don’t know what he is for.”

“The conversations about COVID, because right now i think that it is one of our most important topics in the country, because there is quite a divide and i think that if you truly believe that COVID is an issue then those are very important moments to watch.”

“Climate change, environmental issues we really need to focus on that because this is a crucial moment right. It doesn’t really matter what political policies, if the planet isn’t going to sustain.”

There is no word on if there will be a second presidential debate, and any more town hall discussions.