MUNISING, Mich. – Suicide prevention volunteers are hard at work at Pictured Rocks Pizza. Every slice is for a good cause.

“Today we are doing our annual fundraiser of pizza with a purpose it’s a suicide prevention effort and to also help school social workers within Alger county schools.” said communities that care member Elena Torongo.

COVID-19 has not stopped them. Their goal is to raise more than 10,000 dollars.

All patrons and volunteers wore masks to the event.

Volunteer Morgan Ramsey said, “I volunteer here to get behind such a great cause, spread suicide awareness and help fund our social workers at our schools.”

They hope to send a message of hope with their efforts.

“Just that your community cares about you and that we are here for you” said Elena Torongo. “And we are neighbors that support neighbors and there is a lot in this world we can’t control right now, but we can control this.”