NMU ROTC, Nursing programs collaborate in mock bombing exercise

MARQUETTE — Two NMU organizations collaborated Thursday afternoon for a unique learning experience.

NMU’s ROTC and Nursing programs worked together on a joint mock bombing operation, to give their students hands–on experience in their respective fields.

“In ROTC, we’re sometimes limited by our training resources,” said Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Harris, a professor of military science at NMU. “So maybe these cadets, they’re not going to see what happens to a casualty after they get [evacuated] until they’re at their first duty station as the leader of a unit. I think this is a great experience for them to get it early on in their careers.”

The exercise also proved to be beneficial for the nursing students, as well.

For the prospective nurses, it gives them lessons and insight that they can take into their careers.

“For our nursing students, it helps to teach them about trauma care, especially if they’re interested in intensive care nursing or emergency room nursing at all,” added Nancy Maas, professor of nursing at NMU. “It also gives them the opportunity to learn about other disciplines, such as military science, and also to do some communication with them.”

The exercise started with the ROTC members traversing an open field to clear out a snowbank full of enemies.

Casualties were treated on–site, and then evacuated to the National Guard Armory, where nurses were taught how to treat various battle wounds.

This is the first year that the two groups collaborated.