UPAWS hosting Valentines event called “Sweet as Candy”

GWINN — Valentine’s Day is a holiday to share your compassion with the ones you love. If you are looking for someone else to share this happy holiday with, then UPAWS might be a place you’ll want to check out.

From February 13th through the 15th, UPAWS will be hosting a Valentines special for adopting pets from the shelter.
The event is called “Sweet as Candy,” since new pet owners will get a chance to get a discount on adoption fees.

UPAWS will be having a bucket of candy with percentages on them.
A candy will be randomly picked once you have chosen your new furry friend, and the discount on the back will be applied.

“When you come in to look at all the animals and if you find one that you want to adopt we are going to have candies available,” said Ann Brownell, Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator at UPAWS. “People will be able to pick from and get a percentage off. There will be different percentages on these Valentines’ candies.”

The percentages that are being offered randomly will be either 10 to 50 percent off the adoption.