CTE Committee holds meeting regarding future programs and updates

MARQUETTE — Career and Technical Education of Marquette and Alger County held a meeting on Wednesday 29th, 2020, where many individuals came to promote different Career and Technical Education programs and opportunities.

The committee comes together every year with the similar goal of helping get young individuals involved into technical careers. This year the CTE Committee is providing free CTE magazines for students to learn about more career options. The committee will be mailing them to every student in 10th through 12th grade in the Marquette and Alger County area.

The committee hopes that this will help engage young professionals, and offer more opportunities for some who may not know about CTE programs and jobs.

“If you have a family member that is in the skills trade, then there is a pretty good opportunity that one of their kids are going to go into it as well,” said Stu Bradley, Chairman of the CTE for Marquette and Alger County. “If you don’t have a skill trade member in your immediate family, then there is a pretty good chance that you are not going to. I think that is all changing.”

The Chairman also added, “There is some tremendous jobs, good paying jobs and they allow you to live anywhere that you want to in the country. Maybe even in other countries too. You can say the same thing for healthcare. Even if it’s a job as a lab technician for a one or two year program, you can find a job anywhere you want.”

The topic of cyber security and similar programs involving this field of technical education has also been progressing steadily. This program which has been made possible due to the Marshall Plan has helped push younger students to become more involved with cyber security skills.

These skills are being looked at as the new frontier for careers in the coming future.