Ishpeming City Council terminates contract with city attorney

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming City Council will now be seeking a new attorney after a 4-1 vote in terminating the current one.

According to the Mining Journal, a special meeting on Wednesday, led to the termination of a contract with city attorney Bonnie Hoff, effective immediately. The motion to terminate the contract for insubordination was produced by Councilor Pat Scanlon. This was seconded by Mayor Mike Tonkin, due to requesting information on city employee “exit interviews,” that were conducted by Hoff. Those requests were never fulfilled three times.

Councilor Jason Chapman, who was the only member of the council to vote no, asked that Hoff get a chance to speak on the matter before termination. Councilors will acquire city attorney services as a contracted position under the city charter. Bonnie Hoff is entitled to a 90-day severance under her employment contract with the city of Ishpeming.