Recycling in the winter and how things will change next year

MARQUETTE COUNTY —¬†Recycling will be changing next year and it will be introducing a new system that will benefit not only the community, but also the environment.

The Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority is converting Marquette County from a dual stream recycling system to a single stream recycling system. This new system will allow the community to place all recyclables in one bin rather them being separated. The Marquette County Solid waste Management Authority is hoping this will increase recycling participation from the community.

“I think participation in landfill diversion, which is away from the landfill is something that is important,” explained Bradley Austin, Director of Operations at the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority. “Also I think where we live, the Great Lakes, I think it is another concern that people realized it is the right thing to do environmentally. We certainly want to keep plastics and other materials from the Great Lakes because that is where we live. So we think that is very important.”

This system will not be taking effect until sometime near the fall season of 2020. Ways to continue recycling effectively is to also be aware of how the elements affect the recyclable left outside. When the elements damage the reusable waste the quality greatly decreases, therefore, it is vital to find ways of covering the materials when outside.

“For folks who are placing recyclable commodities curbside, we ask that they put the materials and waste in a hard bin and preferably covered,” said Austin. “Certainly with the elements, particularly the snow and rain, those materials such as paper and cardboard can become wet and that lowers the value. So what we advise is to get those materials in a hard bin and covered.”

A pilot project is also in the works to bringing curbside recycling carts to the community. These carts would be able to decrease pollution of any materials being blown away and it will also protect the contents quality.

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