MARQUETTE — Marquette has long been a hub for music, and this weekend, a ceremony will be held honoring those that have contributed to the musical culture.

The Marquette Music Hall of Fame is inducting 17 new artists and contributors, as a way to preserve the history of music in the area.

“It’s a way to honor the history of music in the Marquette area,” said Cindy Engle of the Marquette Music Scene, the group putting on the event. “Without doing something like this, things are going to be lost. There’s venues that people had no idea they ever had music in them.”

Criteria for being inducted includes education, music venue and musicians, among others.

This year’s inductees include Radio X, the Lumberjack Tavern, the Maynards, Dr. Matt Ludwig, Pierre Ogea, Karyn Johnson, Renee Prusi, Michael “Hozz” Hauswirth, Jan Broderson, Dave Berry, Michael Letts, James Supanich, Randy “Bones” Seppala, James Bellmore, Mark “Sycamore” Smith, Uncle Ugly, and Alan “Goofus” Ammesmaki.

Artists Miss Alyssa and Blanco Suave are also being honored as “Rising Stars.”

The induction is at 6 pm on Saturday in the Red Room at the Masonic Center, and entry is by donation.

For more details about the reception, visit the Facebook event page here.