Yoopers hit the roads despite threat of bad weather

Houghton County Memorial Airport

HOUGHTON — Thanksgiving Day week is finally here and millions of Americans are traveling for the holidays. The Upper Peninsula is going to be getting snow fall Tuesday night so area travelers are warned to use caution.

This may be the only time you’re able to get a decent parking space at Michigan Tech. Most of the students have already left to start celebrating the holiday. Weather forecasters are advising those students and all travelers to be careful when the latest winter blast makes its way through. Meteorologists are predicting some areas may get up to a foot of snow.

We visited travelers at the Houghton County Memorial Airport.

“It’s like 6 to 24 inches or something like that so I got approval to get out of here a day earlier so I wouldn’t get stranded, ” said Jeff Schrier. The Minnesota resident was scheduled to fly out Wednesday but the threat of bad weather forced him to change his flight, even at a cost of two-hundred extra dollars.

The airport manager says at last check the two scheduled daily flights thru Chicago are still on but he advises calling ahead to check on your flight status.

The Road Commission is also sending workers out on the holiday. Manager Kevin Harju tells us his employees will be by 5:30am and work until 1am.