EcoReps hosts Clothing Swap and Fix It Wednesday event at NMU

MARQUETTE — A group known as EcoReps helped students fix and find some new wares at NMU.

The event ran from 8 am to 5 pm where EcoReps took the time to host their Clothing Swap and Fix It Wednesday event for students and community members to partake in. The group helped mend and repair any clothing and accepted all unwanted clothes for anyone to pick up. The best part is you didn’t need to donate anything to take any clothes and anything left over will be donated to Pak Ratz and other thrift shops.

“So usually we will donate them to Pak Ratz at the Women Center in Downtown Marquette,” said Heather Vivian, Executive Director Cohort 1 at EcoReps. “This time we have a lot more than usual. So we will probably end up donating other thrift stores around town too.”

The EcoReps Outreach Committee is focused on public relations both on- and off-campus as well as recruitment and retention efforts within the EcoReps organization.