Calumet Village Transparency


Calumet Village–  City leaders in Calumet Village are trying to be more transparent after an illegal ordinance was passed in favor of recreational marijuana. There was no malicious intent. That’s the message the Village Administrator wants the community to know after a mistake in passing ordinances was made public.

Caleb Katz is Administrator and says, “We realized when some people spoke up about it. Yeah, let’s just get four more votes and we decided to re-pass it at last month’s council meeting.”

The most controversial involved the passage of a recreational marijuana law. The law’s passage would mean up to five businesses could open shop. It originally passed with majority of vote of a quorum rather than a majority of council. They did this under legal counsel, but some said a public hearing was not held and the vote rendered invalid. It’s been redone and passed again. They are hoping to bring in more money.

Another move by the council met with some opposition, the naming of Katz himself to the position of Administrator rather than Manager. Also lacking enough public input. Katz says it just makes it easier for him to streamline hiring.

One other ordinance had to be re-voted on. It makes it illegal to park on sidewalks during winter. Katz says the council has nothing to hide and he invites the public to see just how transparent he’s being.