4th Annual Buffalo Road Invitational

NEGAUNEE — The 4th Annual Buffalo Road Invitational this past Sunday. This is a basketball tournament created by 40 guys who grew up on this court in Negaunee and wished to re–live those memories once a year.

“It just has a lot to do with guys who are in it the the tight-knit group that we have formed here with the tournament. People just like the uniqueness and idea of the whole thing,” said Doug Lindblom, who is a tournament organizer. “There is a trophy for the champions, The James Pendel trophy, which was named after Negaunee’s first mayor. Then there is a prize for each player that as donated by our sponsors.”

Besides the prizes and people, the court is the most memorable part of the entire tournament.

“It’s very unique, it’s not in any way shape or form regulation. It’s been here the same court and same rims that hang eight and a half feet,” said Lindblom. “They’ve been here as long as we been play and its really a sacred place for us.”

The community is really involved with this tournament and can’t wait for summer again when for the next tournament comes around. In the end, this years winner was Team Bowman who defeated Team Fitchett in the final game of a best of three series.