Sands Speedway donates over $4,500 to Cancer Care of Marquette County

SANDS TOWNSHIP — As the summer season draws to an end, so too does the racing season at one speedway. However, not without one last act of charity.

The Sands Speedway in Gwinn donated over $4,500 to the Cancer Care of Marquette County over this past weekend, along with celebrating 50 years of more than just racing.

“It really is about the community,” said Kim Letorneau, track promoter at Sands Speedway. “It nurtures the spirit of goodness and philanthropy. We’re teaching the kids maybe how to get jobs, how to socialize, sportsmanship. We’re providing way more than the actual racing out here.”

The speedway raised the money for the Cancer Care of Marquette County by raffles and donations from racing fans and patrons.

To celebrate the end of the racing season, the speedway held a barbecue cookout at the end of the events