Ban on baiting deer in select area of the U.P.

UPPER PENINSULA — The Michigan Natural Resources Commission voted as a panel to continue a ban on baiting and feeding in parts of Michigan, especially in the Upper Peninsula.

The ban is in effect in all of Lower Michigan and some parts of Menominee, Delta, and Dickinson counties.
These few counties in the U.P. are being affected due to the recent discovery of CWD, a fatal neurological disease, which was recorded last year in the Upper Peninsula.

“What the NRC has decided to for the upcoming hunting season is effective immediately is a ban on feeding and baiting within a core surveillance area that we had set up last fall,” explained John Pepin, Deputy Public information Officer for the DNR. “This was due to a deer testing positive for CWD. That core surveillance area includes portions of Menominee, Dickinson and just a tiny bit of Delta Counties.”

The reason there will be a ban on baiting in this surveillance area in the U.P. is due to trying to avoid the further spread of CWD.
Baiting tends to bring many deer into one location which can create an environment to spread CWD through the animal’s bodily fluids.

“When you put a lot of deer in close contact it is believed that it increases or enhances the opportunity for CWD to spread,” said Deputy Pepin. “So if there is baiting not allowed, feeding not allowed then deer will be less likely be congregated in big groups and feeding in a single area.”

Although deer baiting will be allowed for hunters with disabilities during the Liberty and Independence hunts as well as the youth hunt.
Although Antler Point Restrictions will also be eliminated for the surveillance area and crossbows will be allowed in late archery season.

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