Heatstroke in animals and what to look out for

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. But you should also keep an eye on your pets when it gets a little too toasty outside.

Animals, like humans, can have issues with the heat; the only difference is that people can shed layers while dogs and cats cannot. Animals are very susceptible to heatstroke or heat exhaustion.
It’s always important to keep a look out for many different possible symptoms, which can include difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, fever, dizziness, and even lack of coordination among other symptoms.

“We do have to be aware that our animals overheat just like we do,” explained Dr. Julie Vezzetti, Associate Veterinarian. “They can’t shed layers like we can and cannot communicate the same way as humans. So we really have to pay attention to the signs that they are showing. So things like, when you take a walk with your animal and they lie down and don’t want to go any further, don’t push it. It would be good to pick them up, give them a rest. Or you can use little travel water bowls that you can collapse down and put into your pocket for longer walks or times outside in the summer months. This is important because hydration, just like with humans, is a big deal.”

Now if you see your pet experiencing any heat related issues it is important to call your veterinarian immediately.

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