Keeping your pets calm during fireworks

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Summer is full of celebrations, such as the 4th of July, Canada Day and for the French they have Bastille Day.
Now all of these holidays have fireworks in common and that fireworks can affect animals in different ways.

Now dogs and cats react to fireworks as individuals, some are OK with them and others not so much. Fireworks can cause animal’s anxiety to sky rocket which can affect them in negative ways physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now we can’t stop fireworks from happening on these holidays but we can help decrease stress within our pets. We can use the drug or drug free remedies to help out our furry companions.

“Some of the non-drug options that we can do, I am holding up a couple of options, this is actually a pheromone spray that simulates the hormones that are released during a mother when nursing,” explained Dr. Leah Reid, Associate Veterinarian. “In cats and dogs respectively. Other things you can do, if dogs and cats are comfortable, they can wear a thunder shirt or a little body wrap. That snuggling action can often make them feel safer and reduce their anxiety.”

For drug related options you can make an appointment with your local animal shelter and set up a meeting to see what would be a good option for your pet. As a precaution local veterinarian hospitals do say to keep your pets in a safe location during the festivities. This is due to the fact they may try to run outside to get away from the noises.

Make sure your pets micro chips are checked regularly as well to make sure they are functioning if your pet were to escape the home.