BIG BAY — Being selected for the UP All–Star football game is a special accomplishment. Earlier today, those players selected for the game got the chance to visit a special place.

The 2019 UP All–Star Football Team visited the Bay Cliff Health Camp earlier today, where the campers got the chance to show what makes their camp so great.

“They get to be ambassadors for the camp themselves,” said Alanna Cooper, one of the coordinators at the camp. “They get to really take pride and ownership of the camp, and share what the Bay Cliff spirit means to them.”

For many of the campers, this visit is one of the many highlights of the summer.

“It’s a really fun event, just to see the joy in the other kids’ faces,” said Jordan Anderson, one of the campers. “It’s really my favorite event the whole entire summer. In all, it’s really a blast.”

After giving the players a tour of the camp, the campers got the chance to be football players of their own, with tackling drills and other football–related activities.

The football players ended their visit with dinner, and a flag–lowering ceremony, to cap off a memorable day.