Below average sunshine affecting water temps in U.P.

MARQUETTE —  Michigan has been experiencing below average sunshine across the state.
This lack of sunshine is affecting the temps around the U.P. which is also affecting the surrounding bodies of water.

Since July of 2018 the state of Michigan has seen below average sunshine going for a twelve month stretch.
Even now in June we are still seeing this below average sunshine and that might have a greater affect on the U.P. summer and its tourism if it continues.

“If we look right now, obviously it has been cool since we came through the spring months and heading into summer now, so the bigger impacts are on inland lakes and Lake Superior and Lake Michigan,” explained Matt Zika, National Weather Service Marquette. “The overall water temperatures are down a little bit from what we would expect at this point in the season. So anybody who typically comes to the U.P. in the third week of June expecting the water to be fairly mild… Well that won’t be the case because of the cool start in the spring so far.”

Now throughout the progression of summer, the temps of all the lakes should normalize by the end of summer.