MARQUETTE — In today’s digital world, bookstores have a hard time staying open and relevant, but that’s not the case for one local bookstore that just reached an impressive milestone. Snowbound Books on Third Street in Marquette threw a party on Saturday to celebrate turning 35 years old.



To celebrate they had prizes, tacos, and snacks for the new and old friends that came through the store, all as a way to say thank you to the community that has supported them since the beginning.

“When the previous owner started the store, he started it in 1984, and as soon as he opened, they decided to redo the water main out front,” said Dana Welshans, the current owner of Snowbound Books. “So he had a brand new store with a huge mud pit in front of it, and people went around all of the construction to come into the store. So from the very beginning, the community has been so behind this place, and so we hope we’ll be around for another 35 years.”

The store was crowded throughout the celebration, often being so busy that it was hard to walk through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.

“It was a ton of new faces, which was really cool, and we saw a lot of regulars too,” said Welshans. “I just really want to say thank you to everybody for keeping us around for over three decades, it really means a lot.”