Marquette Music Scene Hall of Fame accepting nominations

MARQUETTE — There are going to be 15 new inductees into the Marquette Music Scene Hall of Fame this year, and for the first time the public will have a chance to nominate their favorite local musician.

Nominees must have been born or raised in Marquette County, have resided in Marquette County for a significant portion of their career, or made a significant mark on Marquette County during their career. In the case of groups, they have to have been founded in or resided in Marquette County for a significant portion of their careers. They may represent any music genre, be associated with any music related vocation, and be from any era in Marquette County’s history.

“The amount of talent that this area has produced over the years, from local to full-on national talent, has just been incredible,” said Andrew “Bear” Tyler, a trustee for the Marquette Music Scene. “And it’s not just those on the stage, which are very important. It’s broadcasters, and songwriters, and of course one of our first inductees was Chuch Magee, who was the stage chief for the Rolling Stones. There’s just so much of a prolific music history in Marquette that it needs to be remembered.”

The nomination process is a little different this year, and they’ll need help from the public because there is so much talent in the area.

“This year with opening it up to the public, and trying to get the word out, we’re hoping that our small group will be absolutely overwhelmed with nominations this year,” said Tyler. “That’s the kind of talent we know this county has had, and we’re only a small group of people, we don’t know everything, we need you people.”

Nominees will be considered and voted on by the Marquette Music Scene Hall of Fame Selection Committee which is comprised of local music professionals, historians, educators, and previous inductees.

For more information and to learn how to nominate a musician, click here.