St. Peter Cathedral holds ordaining ceremony this afternoon

MARQUETTE — St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette will be ordaining a deacon into priesthood and two others will become deacons.

Deacon Michael Kowalewski was ordained to priesthood by Bishop John Doerfler of the Diocese of Marquette.

This changes his title from Deacon to Father now that he is a newly ordained priest.
Father Michael is very passionate about this process and what it means to enter priesthood. He told us there is so much that makes ordination an important moment for him and the people he will be of service too in the Upper Peninsula.

“I am just very, very happy to have been called by God to serve his holy church,” said Father Michael Kowalewski. “I am happy to serve as a priest to love his people and to serve gods people. I am very blessed and excited. People have been so supportive in their prayers and gifts to make this happen. So I am deeply grateful to all the people that were there for me.”

He will spend his time guiding others towards the faith of Christianity and God. As well as two other men will become ordained as deacons. Their names are Brother Romeo Cappella and Thomas Merkel.