New programs coming to Northern Michigan University

MARQUETTE — The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees approved of multiple new programs that will begin in 2019 fall semester.

These programs that will be added to NMU is a certificate in applied workplace leadership; certificate in hospitality and tourism management; bachelor’s in social media design management; and master’s in mathematics.
Not only will these programs be great for bringing in more students but it will also diversify the student’s knowledge of how jobs work.

“The students are actually going to learn in three different areas so that they can develop some unique skill sets,” explained Daric Christian, NMU Art & Design Associate Dean & Director. “Graphic Design area of the school they are going to learn the principles, concepts and the history. The Marketing Area will focus on digital marketing and that will help them learn how to reach certain consumers or an audience due to maybe working for a non-profit. Public relations they are going to learn message design and that will help with getting the story out and storytelling.”

Not only will these new programs push knowledge in the field but it will also increase involvement within the different departments.

“It will stimulate the academic atmosphere in the department,” said Dan Rowe, NMU Assistant Professor. We will have more students who are working on more projects, attending and giving talks. We will also have a lounge area for students who are working on projects and home work. There will be more students interacting with professors, undergraduates. I think it will raise the level of mathematics and academic conversations that are happening in our department.”

A new master’s degree in speech-language pathology will be also introduced in summer 2021.