Sinking Fund Millage Proposal denied by majority of votes

GWINN — The Gwinn Area Community Schools Sinking Fund Millage Proposal had its vote May 7th and missed its goal by just under 180 votes.

Over 1,193 votes were cast and 686 of those were answered with a NO, while 507 votes said YES. The Gwinn Area Community Schools is still planning on pushing this millage proposal in the coming week.

If they can get the millage approved the estimate of revenue the school district will collect in 2019 is approximately $509,673. Not only do they see this sinking fund as necessary for the district but also the well-being of the students who attend the schools.

“We spend our General Operating Fund on the education of our students,” said Sandy Petrovich, Superintendent of Gwinn Area Community Schools. “We spend it on staff, salaries, benefits, educational materials for kids and classroom needs. So our General Fund cannot support the amount of money needed for the repair, replace and upgrade for infrastructure.”

This sinking fund would only be used for construction, repairs and upgrades for the district’s schools.

We will continue to update this story as it progresses.