Local groups teach about climate change and how it affects the U.P.

MARQUETTE — Earth Day has already passed, but it’s never too late to talk about ways we can help make change in the Upper Peninsula and around the world.

This afternoon, the Peter White Public Library hosted the Climate! On Earth Day event where people in the community were invited to drop–in and learn about climate, the science behind climate change and how it can affect us in the U.P.

“Most people are now willing to accept the idea that climate change is happening, but many people are not aware of the mechanics and they can’t connect all the dots in their minds and don’t feel comfortable talking to people about it. The effect is subtle on us, but it’s happening and it’s going to continue” said Event Organizer, John Forslin.

The event was held on the upper level of the library in the Heritage Room.

Sponsors included Climate Reality UP, the Climate Adaption Task Force, Superior Watershed Partnership, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Northern Climate Network, and the Marquette Food Co–Op.