New record for snowfall for May 1st at National Weather Service in Negaunee Township

MARQUETTE –With all the snow we got today, The Marquette National Weather Service in Negaunee has broken a new record.

Back in 2005, the North Central part of the U.P. received 1.2 inches of snowfall on the 1st of May.

They do not have an exact number of the snowfall today, but it looks like we are shattering the previous record with 5 inches.

With the snowfall from today, it bumps the North Central part of the U.P in the top 10 for snowiest seasons.

Zika says this isn’t even that much snow compared to what we got almost 30 years ago.

“The May of 1990 is the snowiest May that we have had here in the North Central part of the U.P. We actually had a snow storm on May 10th 1990 that dropped 15 inches of snow. While 5 inches was a lot today, at least it wasn’t 15 inches,” said Matt Zika, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Zika says we are not completely done with the snow, there could be chance we see some more before we head into Summer.