Village of Calumet adopts ordinance for the sale of medical marijuana

CALUMET — The Village of Calumet has officially become one of the few U.P. towns to approve the sale of medical marijuana within city limits.

This ordinance was adopted last week and is waiting to go into effect 30 days after April, 23rd, 2019. Due to the new ordinance, the following medical marijuana facilities may be authorized to operate within the Village of Calumet.

These facilities will consist of three provisioning centers, two safety compliance facilities, two secure transporters, three processors and three growers. Now the city officials expect there to be controversy within the public for the decision, but also expect this to be an economic opportunity for the village as well.

“There is a financial benefit to the village,” explained David Geisler, President of the Village of Calumet. “We have the opportunity to charge up to $5,000 dollars in licensing fees on behalf of the village. In addition to that, there is a special sales tax imposed on medical marijuana by the State and a portion of that would potentially come back to the village. So obviously there is a revenue stream adopted with it.”

The operation of these various facilities is restricted to the general commercial, downtown commercial and industrial districts as defined by the Village of Calumet Zoning Ordinance.

Now if individuals are interested in working in this business they will need to go to the State to get the proper paperwork and be approved before coming to the Village of Calumet and opening up shop.

“Applicants have to apply to the State where they will be thoroughly vetted,” said Geisler. “This is to make sure there is no criminal background. Now when it comes to growers and processors there also has to be evidence of substantial financial investment within the business.”

Unlicensed marijuana, growing, processing and dispensing operations and unlicensed medical marijuana facilities are forbidden in all zoning districts.

For more information on the ordinance you can click here.