MARQUETTE — The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center has recently received a new microscope for its lab at Northern Michigan University.

The microscope is called the Evos M7000 and it uses fluorescent imaging to enable researchers to see biomarkers better. Learning the makeup of molecules under quality microscopes can lead to more effective first-line treatment options.

The generous donation for the microscope came from the Superior Health Foundation, who has money set aside for their Neurosurgery and Research Department. The total cost of the microscope was $70,000.

“Jim LaJoie called me up and was like ‘Amber, Christmas came early. Do you have any immediate equipment needs?’ I was like ‘Wow, yes!” We’ve really been needing this microscope for a very long time. I had actually had Evos demo two different models last summer and then it ended up not being in our budget to be able to afford it” said Laboratory Director, Ambeer LaCrosse.

This microscope is very different than traditional microscopes; it has a screen that allows the teacher and students to look at cells simultaneously.

With a traditional microscope each person would have to look through the binoculars one at a time.