MARQUETTE–  The U.P. has experienced the snowiest February since 2002, with the accumulation of 89.9 inches of snow so far.

With all the snow we have received this could possibly affect the water levels in Lake Superior.

In February of 2018, we received just over 16 inches of water.

Compared to this year, we have received just under 21 inches.

It is likely we will see at least the same water levels this summer as last year, if not slightly higher in the months of September and October.

Although, this is all dependent on how the Spring and Summer precipitation values play out.

“The biggest concerns will be some of the channel currents. For beach safety, it would be beach erosion with the high waves we get. Specifically little Presque Isle with the channel currents in between there. Some people can get stranded or washed away, when they go out and try to get to little Presque Isle,” says Jordan Wendt, meteorologist.

The highest water level on record is 603.38 feet in October of 1985.