MARQUETTE — On Thursday evening, the second installment of Innovate Marquette SmartZone’s technology series continued.

Ampersand Coworking hosted this month’s series featured ‘Virtual and Augmented Reality’.

Many people may think of it for fun and video games but, it is a technology advancement that could potentially improve industries and job opportunities around the world and in our own community.

“The potential for this technology and the uses that is already being incorporated in this technology is so much more exciting and so much more profound than just the video game sector” said Edge of Reality VR Arcade owner, Robert Shirlin. “Things are already starting to happen at [Northern Michigan University], there are companies in town that are starting to use virtual reality to train their employees and their staff, and there is another company out of Escanaba that uses the technology to explain what they do to their different clients and their different staff members.”

These series are monthly and are a way for people to network and learn about topics in the technology industry.

Future topics will include mobility, AI, cloud computing and more.

You can find more of their events at the Innovate Marquette website.