Graffiti on the rise in Marquette, police investigating

MARQUETTE — Marquette has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in the region, but the recent spike in graffiti could damage that.

The Marquette City Police department has seen a rise in the amount of graffiti around town since mid–December, and is taking measures to try to curtail it.

“Some of our efforts over the last two months has been to curtail it,” said Detective Sergeant Michael Archocosky. “We’ve been getting some complaints from citizens, and we’ve been seeing it more ourselves at the police department, both patrolling officers and detectives. So our efforts are to make it stop, find out who is doing it, and prosecute them.”

Spray paint, paint markers, and stickers have been spotted on buildings and public utilities, which Archocosky noted is paid for by the tax payers, such as street signs and lamp posts. While the majority has been seen downtown, the police department is hoping that they can stop the problem before it starts to impact more areas.

“It’s been mostly up and down Third Street, and some downtown on Washington Street,” said Archocosky. “Not to say that’s the extent, but that’s where we’re seeing it concentrated the most. And if we don’t stop it now, I suspect it’ll spread further into the town and maybe into the township.”

Some of the graffiti does have inappropriate words or messages, and if the problem continues, it would not only hurt the reputation of the city but also the beauty the community is known for.

“I don’t think the police department is alone in the feeling that graffiti doesn’t represent our city,” Archocosky said. “So that’s why we’re trying to curtail it and respond to the citizens who think it’s inappropriate also.”

If anyone sees someone using spray paint or stickers to graffiti something that they shouldn’t be, please call the Marquette City Police at (906) 225-0400, and ask to speak to Detective Sergeant Michael Archocosky.