NICE Community Schools reaches snow day limit

ISHPEMING — With yesterdays ice storm came school cancellations and NICE Community Schools reached their 6th which is their limit for snow days.

If NICE Community Schools does go over their snow days, which is likely; because we’re only partly through February.

NICE Community Schools will have to apply for a waiver to get 3 additional days if they need them from the state of Michigan.

DeAugustine  urges safety during snow storms and he rather people stay home during storms and add additional class days at the end of the school year.

“The waiver doesn’t have a huge impact on us. We will gladly and gratefully take the extra days if they give them to us. It’s more important to stay safe and we will make sure we get the requisite days in and the requisite number of hours, regardless of how it unfolds. If we have to add days or if were given a few extra few forgiven days from the state of Michigan,” said Bryan DeAugustine, Superintendent of NICE schools.

With the entire state going under a state of emergency during the cold days and with the ice storms they believe this year will be one of the years the 3 days will be a matter of course.

The U.P. will be expecting widespread snowfall the next few days and these local schools are just preparing for any situation.