MARQUETTE — Many students who attend Northern Michigan University have transferred from other community colleges around the state and nation, and bring already earned credits with them.



NMU has announced they are raising the limit on the number of transfer credits they will accept.

Currently, the university allows for 64 credits to be transferred, marking half of the number of credits required for a Bachelor’s Degree. Come fall, however, the new cap will be set at 90 credits to recognize the value of classes already taken, and to maximize their use.

“It used to be that students would go to community college for just those entry level courses, and now those community colleges are offering much more breath and depth in their courses,” said NMU Registrar, Kim Rotundo. “They’re working closely with universities to create transfer pathways, to make it easier for students to transfer from one university to the next.”

Students must still complete at least 30 credit hours at NMU and meet degree requirements in order to qualify for graduation.