City searching for way to sustain revenue

ISHPEMING — The city of Ishpeming has been in the process of finding ways to help the city to sustain its future income and revenue flow.



With the city’s revenues not seeing any gains, things need to change or this issue will become an increasingly difficult situation for the city.

Part of the reason for revenues being flat and have not been seeing any increase is largely due to the reduction of state revenue sharing.

Another factor that has been affecting the city’s revenue is that the cost of living, retirement funds and benefits all continue to increase.

The city is now trying to come up with an effective plan for this problem.

If a solution is not found soon, possible cuts to services or increases in service charges will be need to be made into the future.

“The city provides plowing, street maintenance, storm sewer maintenance, storm water maintenance, water service, police and fire department services,” said Ishpeming City Manager, Mark Slown. “So what can be cut? There is not a whole lot that can be cut without having a major impact.”

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