National “Booch” Day celebrates the popular fermented tea drink

MARQUETTE — January 15th marks National “Booch” Day, celebrating the popular fermented tea drink Kombucha.

It’s been around for decades, but is now a trend nationwide growing in popularity that health advocates swear by.

Kombucha is a lightly carbonated fermented drink made from tea and sugar, with natural flavors made from fruit, vegetables and herbs.

In addition to having the benefits from tea itself, the fermentation of the tea, is producing healthy acids from the bacteria.

All the bacteria found in Kombucha can improve the health in your body.

“What you’ll notice is your body is better able to break down the food that you consume and all of the things that go into your body throughout the day. The Kombucha just helps boost that metabolism and in doing so, it will actually give you more energy. I’ve heard many stories of improved weight loss, kind of helping to boost that,” said Alex Rowland, Owner of Superior Culture.

All of the Kombucha tea at Superior Culture is fermented on site.

They put on a strong emphasis on utilizing organic local produce from farmers in the Marquette area.

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