GLYCD bringing back board development classes

MARQUETTE — The Grow and Lead: Youth and Community Development (GLYCD) has announced that throughout the month of January, they are bringing back their free classes on non-profit board development.



Due to the popularity of last year’s classes, the GLYCD determined this is a subject that needs to be addressed more.

The lessons are taught online through a webinar series.

Non-profit boards of directors can sign up to meet virtually, all together in a work setting or separately in the comfort of their own homes.

“It’s good if it’s your first time serving, or you’ve been serving for ten years on different boards,” said GLYCD Associate, Chad Mager. “It’s a great reminder or refresher of what your roles and responsibilities, because sometimes we get into the day-to-day activities, and we forget what the most important things are.”

Topics covered include legal responsibilities, organizational tips, and strategic goal planning. A link to sign up and view dates for the webinars can be found HERE.