Local coffee shop approved for liquor license

MARQUETTE — A coffee shop in Marquette is now serving more than just coffee.



The newly founded coffee shop called, “The Crib,” will now be serving alcohol to customers who are of legal age.

The establishment wants to embrace a coffee shop model that is used in other parts of the country.

This will allow them to give customers a chance at having more options of drinks, especially during the holidays.

“It seemed like a cozy idea for winter time,” said General Manager of The Crib, Emily Wegemer. “It is nice to be able to have hot chocolate but maybe put a little bit of peppermint schnapps in it. Maybe you can have coffee throughout the day and you max out your caffeine and want to switch to a beer. We’ve got Hamms on tap and some other yummy ones. It was just a model we were excited to bring to Marquette.”

The Crib doesn’t have the ability to sell spirits just yet but they do offer local beers and wine.
If you enjoy the wine selections as well you can pick up that kind of wine from a local shop in Marquette known as, Everyday Wines.